LENOVO fails to deliver any level of service on NEW server with Warranty


In September we ordered a new Lenovo RS160 server for a client.  After several years of using Dell, the short rack server we usually order was no longer available.  Lenovo’s RS160 met the criteria so we ventured out of our Dell pattern due to this requirement.  The experience?  TERRIBLE.  On all fronts.

Server arrived over a month later, WITHOUT A RAID CONTROLLER CARD.  The wholesaler rep assured us it supported RAID and VM’s…not without a raid card it doesn’t.

Ordered a RAID card, and also requested a riser card for it.  The rep said “it does not need a riser card”.  Ok.  Got the raid card and guess what?  it needs a riser card.

Ordered the riser card. Back ordered.  Finally arrived in October.  Almost two months to get parts to finish a simple server deployment…sigh.  I miss Dell.

Fired up the server.  All fans are running at 23,000+ RPM.  Sound audible through two doors to office staff.  Distinctly cheap hotel hair dryer loud.  That can’t be good.

Over a week troubleshooting high rpm fans…updating firmware, updating O/S.  Nothing working.  Finally get a Lenovo support ticket open and they say “SOME OF THE SERVERS WENT OUT WITH FANS INSTALLED BACKWARDS,  PLEASE CHECK THIS.”  Suddenly we are the tech, not Lenovo warranty techs doing work, just us following their emails and calls.

Bingo.  Fans are backwards right from manufacturer.  Lovely.  Reversed the fans.

Fans still loud as ****.  Hmmm.  Call IBM support guy.  Again.  Give them contact info.  Request a call to specific phone number.  Acknowledged, they will call us.

Couple phone calls back and forth. They call wrong number twice after being clearly requested to call correct number.  They state they will make sure right number is called.  It was not.

2 hours later, we send them logs.  Their request?  “Check fans please are they backwards? ”   Didn’t you just have us do this?  didn’t you read your own ticket notes?  Pointed out the problem, and was told “Lenovo doesn’t do logs or firmware checks.  It’s $350 / hour minimum 2 hours to come look at it.”

A NEW server, with warranty, which was sold as ONSITE BREAK/FIX NBD….we report it is broken…we get forced into doing the work…and now IBM wants $700 to do the onsite fix if we don’t provide more tests and do more firmware updates.  really?  So are you paying ME $350 / hour then?  Because so far we are out a few hours fixing your backwards fans and running your diagnostic tests for you.  One test fine, but why do we have to go back to site yet again.

As of tonight, the server is STILL not fixed.  Lenovo tells IBM they don’t do onsite diagnosis, they just fix it once we identify the exact issue.  OK.  IF that’s the process, then modify your warranty statement to say PARTS ONLY, not labour, not troubleshooting, not service, and not competence.  Your warranty may as well read “we only fix our hardware we deployed wrong with backwards parts from the factory, once you do all the work and save us money.  Thanks for buying Lenovo, send us more money.  P.S.  it’s not a warranty. You are buying a piece of paper that states there is warranty.  Through your own tech guy at your cost”.

yes, RAGE is the right word for my Lenovo Server experience this month.  Lenovo can go deliver this to their enterprise clients because they have in-house staff who can do it and get paid regardless.  For SMB’s it does not work.  and hopefully Enterprise businesses will realize exactly how much support and warranty they are NOT getting and move some business to other vendors who actually CARE about a client and their quality of service.  Like Dell.  or HP.  or anyone else at this point.

@Lenovo  Are you seriously trying to kill your business?  Sure looks like it.  You just pushed me and our clients back to Dell for future purchases.

Nov 23 Update:  Took the server apart (my cost, my time) and surprise, more fans installed backwards (total THREE fans backwards).


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